Our approach


People + nature + activity = Astonishing moments

Eventhough our approach takes the shape of an equation, we’re normally not that mathematical, square or whatever you would call it. We simply want to give you the best possible experiences while doing exciting activities in the woods, in the mountains, or on the fjord.


MTB | Kayaking | Hiking

The toughest girl in town! Although she’s young and rebellious, she has a college degree in adventure guiding, and is certified as both a mountain biking guide and kayaking guide.


Hiking | Kayaking | MTB

Vidar is passionate about the outdoors in general. In addition to being the admin of Nordfjord Aktiv, he's also a guide. He's guiding hikes, glacier hikes, mountain biking and kayaking.


Mountain biking | skiing

Tord is a master at making coffee on the campfire, biking steep and challenging trails and everything in-between. Tord knows literally every single-track worth biking in Nordfjord, and he will for sure show you some hidden gems! 

The Moments

Facilitating exciting activities requires a whole lot of planning! But the finishing touches – what actually creates the memorable moments – are done by our guides; in the nature and in the moment.

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