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Let our guides facilitate your perfect experience and find the best trails for you.

Nordfjord Aktiv

Nordfjord Aktiv offers you everything from professional guiding on day trips to customized tours including activities, accommodation, food and beverages. Check out our activity schedule or send us an email to customize your perfect experience.

A guide telling a story in front of a crowd


Our guides have to be splendid at improvising, quick at making decisions and not least outstanding at understanding people and their needs.

Say hello to a bouquet of them just below.

Åse Kayaking · Hiking

Staying calm in rough seas, using her experience to meet challenges with a smile, Åse loves spending long days in her bright yellow kayak! Toughness to the side, Åse is what you can call a nature lover.

She appreciates every moment she gets to spend outside hiking or kayaking. In addition, she’s an avid painter and artist, feeding of the inspiration she gets from people and nature.

Vidar Mountain Biking · Kayaking · Hiking

After working as guide in Svalbard and managing a climbing park in Bergen Vidar moved back to his hometown Sandane to be the operation manager for Nordfjord Aktiv. He’s a trained glacier and kayaking guide, and the width of his smile correlates with the steepness of the mountain he’s climbing.

Being an educated teacher in outdoor activities, Vidar is passionate about conveying different aspects of the nature experiences, and he’ll tell you lots about the local culture and history, the landscape, and the nature around you.

Tord Mountain Biking · Skiing

Tord is a master at making coffee on the campfire, biking steep and challenging trails and everything in between. Tord knows literally every single-track worth biking in Nordfjord, and he will for sure show you some hidden gems!

For Nordfjord Aktiv Tord is guiding mountain biking and ski touring with passion, enthuisiasm and a Northern Norwegian sense of humor that has to be experienced.

Eirin Mountain Biking · Kayaking · Hiking

The toughest girl in town! If you find yourself off the beaten path in Norway, on a steep mountain, a challenging biking trail or on the fjord in big waves – you have a fair chance of running into Eirin. Most likely she’ll be laughing and smiling despite the exposure and rough conditions.

Although she’s young and rebellious, she’s an experienced girl having worked as a guide for years. She’s a level 2 MTB guide, and educated kayaking guide. You should for sure look forward to share nature experiences with Eirin!


Our activities range from hiking, via kayaking to mountain biking. In addition we have a lot of good friends that can help us organize any activity you want to include in your experience.

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Famous trail

Haugsvarden is our most famous trail. From the top you cruise on a flow trail with a stunning view before you enter more technical challenges in the woods. At the end you reach the fjord ready for a swim!