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Quick Details

Person Minimum 2 participants | Minimum 14 years

Paddle between islets and reefs

An introductory course for kayaking in sea kayaking. Gloppefjorden is a beautiful place to paddle. One can follow the beaches, paddle between islets and reefs, explore the river delta and much more. During this 3-hour course, one is introduced to the following:

  • Lift, close and launch kayak
  • Paddle forward with the right course and to stop
  • Swing the kayak both ways
  • Back paddling
  • Walk around and get out of the kayak easily
  • Landing
  • Introduction to safety when paddling
  • Knowledge of local paddling skills

When you have completed the course, you will receive a wet card from the Norwegian Paddle Association at no extra cost.

What to Bring:

  • Clothes that are suitable for physical activity in current weather
  • Wool underwear to wear under any wet / dry suits
  • Warm intermediate layer
  • Drinking water
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses