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Quick Details

Person Minimum 3 participants | Minimum 14 years

Basic course in sea kayaking

The basic course in sea kayaking has as its main goal to introduce the participant to the kayak and the equipment. Participants will be introduced to simple safety routines and exercises, and how to effectively maneuver the kayak in different ways in different contexts. The course emphasizes that the participant must actively practice diligence so that he / she can safely use a kayak, oar, sprint cover and vest.

Basic course kayaking in sea kayaking. Gloppefjorden is a beautiful place to paddle. One can follow the beaches, paddle between islets and reefs, explore the river delta and much more. During this course of 16 hours over 2 days, one will be introduced to the following:
Lift, carry, launch and enter the kayak

  • Efficient forward paddling
  • Rear paddle and stop.
  • Lateral movement of the kayak.
  • Low support ceiling.
  • Steering roof (rear)
  • Swing (swivel roof and steering roof)
  • Landing.
  • Securing a kayak after disembarking
  • Rescue techniques
  • Injury prevention
  • Planning a simple trip to be completed
  • General safety and basic seamanship
  • In general about outdoor life and the Right of Public Access
  • Traceless traffic
  • Lift, close and launch kayak
  • Paddle forward with the right course and to stop
  • Swing the kayak both ways
  • Back paddling
  • Walk around and get out of the kayak easily
  • Landing
  • Introduction to safety when paddling
  • Knowledge of local paddling skills

When you have completed the course, you will receive a wet card from the Norwegian Paddle Association at no extra cost.

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