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Many of us are concerned about how we impact our surroundings, the environment and the climate – this both as individuals and as a people. When travelling we’re normally emitting more CO2 than in our daily lives, most often due to that we’re transported from our homes to somewhere else. And luckily many tour operators, airlines, destinations and guide companies have started to take the environment into consideration.

This means that more low-impact products are popping and many in the travel industry have started both monitoring their own emissions, in order to work at reducing them, and also compensating for their emissions by investing money in projects that have a positive impact on the climate. Tree planting, carbon storage, and projects to stop erosion are a few of many good ways of helping the climate through compensations. So next time you’re travelling, before you choose your airline, cruise line or tour operator, try to investigate what they do for the environment, and how they work to minimize your carbon footprint on your holidays.

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Once you are at your holiday destination, how can you minimize your carbon footprint, and at the same time make sure you both enjoy your holiday and take care of the destination you’re visiting?

There are a lot of good ways to do this, but I’m going to present my favorite now – doing a one-destination-holiday – a so called basecamp trip. This is a solution that most likely will both increase the quality of your experience and reduce your carbon footprint.

A traditional way of travelling is driving around from sight to sight, scratching the surface of tons of destinations – seeing a lot, experiencing very little. Slow down! Don’t be satisfied with only seeing a beautiful view, when a local guide could enhance your experience. It is after you’ve been in a place for a few days and talked to locals, that you get to know about the special places no one else gets to go; the places you find real authentic experiences – the ones you’ll remember.

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Staying in one destination will also maximize your time on holiday, reducing the amount of time you spend in cars, busses, trains and planes. That time you can instead use to get immersed in one town, city or village, learning to know a new culture, gaining insight and knowledge, and experiencing the destination by doing activities and joining events.

So, when planning your next holidays, try out a one destination holiday and feel the transformation.



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